Join Our Team


The vision for Ascending Thoughts has always been about community. In order to reach the most people for God’s Kingdom, we are hoping to expand our ministry and feature YOUR thoughts and ideas. Here are a few things that we are currently looking for:

  • Guest Posts – We are looking for guest posts from anyone who feels called to share what God has put on their hearts. These articles will be published intermittently as needed. Your name and occupation (or school) will be included with the article. This is ideal for young writers looking for ways to share their work.
  • Podcasts – If you have a podcast (or want to begin a podcast) that we can include on our website, please let us know. New episodes will be advertised on all of our social media outlets.
  • Creative Thinkers – If you believe that you have a talent or idea that would work well with the goals, style, and purpose of Ascending Thoughts, we want to hear from you! Please let us know your ideas and how we might incorporate them into the site.

If you would like to contribute in one of the areas listed above, please send an email to and include the following:

1.) Full Name

2.) Position you would like to obtain (guest post, podcast, creative thinker)

3.) A short biography (including any writing experience that you have)

4.) An attached article that we could publish (written in Microsoft Word; short enough for someone to read in 5mins or less); or a podcast sample that we can listen to

5.) Any questions that you have

You can expect a response in about one week. All submitted articles are subject to editing, with final approval held by the initial writer.

*Please recognize that not all inquiries and ideas will be a good fit for this website. If we are not able to use your work, please be encouraged that God will open another door for you.