The True Essence of Time

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Amazon: lets talk about it for a second. Amazon itself has been revolutionary in the business industry because it makes popular products readily available- and at reasonable prices. I use it and I can honestly say it is a real game changer (I am sure most can relate). But just when you think things cannot get better, Amazon PRIME is released. Next level game changer. Having this version of Amazon allows you to join a membership and make these purchases, but have it delivered even faster than the standard time. Why is this so appealing to most? We live in a society that likes to receive things on time or even faster. Quick, easy and painless is what most people are looking for in an age that is filled with busy schedules and packed itineraries. We spend most of our time saying: “there just isn’t enough time in the day” to get things done.

It’s hard enough to juggle all the variables that life throws at us, but things get even tougher when what we have planned gets interrupted. The alarm doesn’t go off in the morning and you are now late to a class that started 30 minutes ago (been there), you open an acceptance letter only to find that the school that you have made plans to attend is now out of reach, or that job position that you applied for and knew you would get, has now been filled by someone more qualified than you are. These are what some may call minor (or major) set-backs. What comes after that is the true test. See, after a setback, there are options to choose. You can either A) Become discouraged: give up on that school, regret even applying for that job position, or just sleep in and determine that you already missed one class that day, might as well skip the next one. (okay, if you are a college student, you don’t have to be proud of this one but at least admit that you can relate.) or B) Be patient, wait, and seek truth and timing.

TIME. What a concept. You know that saying that says something along the lines of, ‘good things take time?’ Well whoever said it, was right. It may sound cliché but I can strongly stand with that piece of advice. So many times in my life, I have had long windows and gaps of time to grow. The thing is, I didn’t know that I was growing during that time, but when I look back at where I have come from, I realize how important that pause was. A pause from my stressful thoughts, a pause from my reluctance and denial, a pause from the lies wrapped inside my brain. The only way for me to get a grip on reality and truth, was to stop thinking of my own selfish plan, and wait. This is the part where the Amazon Prime mindset kicks in and you can only think: “I know what I want, I want it now and that is how I’m going to feel better. As a matter of fact, lets speed things up a bit and pay a little extra cash to get what I want even faster. Why wait when I can solve this my way now?”

See, purchasing clothing on Amazon may work that way, but that’s not exactly how walking with Jesus works. He is all about the process and transformation. A quick, easy and painless transformation is not exactly what He is going for when it comes to helping you grow. He wants you to see him amidst your pain, He wants to hear from you when you are scared, He wants to feel your desire and pull towards Him because you both know you need Him. But the only way we can see Him, hear Him and feel Him is if we stop. Here is where the essence of time comes in. It is so hard to just stop and reflect or regroup in a world that is so fast paced that if you can’t keep up for a moment, you feel like you’ve fallen ages behind. This leaves you stumbling and searching for answers that we often times MAKE UP ourselves because it makes things easier or faster. But what we really need is to stop. Yes, time will keep going- it always does. But to truly appreciate times of growth, we have to be willing to forfeit our own desires and wants, risk falling behind in a fast paced- world, and follow a plan that is greater than our own.

I have experienced stumbling blocks in my life where my immediate response is frustration. I question why, I panic, I think of the worst-case scenario and I am left feeling empty. But on the other hand, I look back on the times that I waited. The times where I put my desires on pause and said, “Maybe now isn’t the time” or, “Maybe there is something else in store for myself.” I took that time to grow and learn, and whether it be financial situations, my education, a relationship- it all felt more rewarding and secure after spending the time to pause my idea of time and wait on God’s timing. A message to the Amazon users: Amazon Prime is great. I am most definitely not trying to throw shade here because I use it and it’s wonderful. But I do fear that this mentality, when applied to our walk through life, can be dangerous. Time keeps moving, which means we do too, but it is important to stop and value the time to grow. You may look back and realize that the time you spent waiting far outweighs the time you could’ve spent rushing to find quick answers and solutions. Our plans, our time schedules, our itineraries, they cannot compare with time spent in silence with Jesus. Just a little food for thought- be encouraged regardless of how packed and stressful your schedule is today! God already knows and always will. Rest in that. (Don’t worry- it is okay to rest.)

See, purchasing clothing on Amazon may work that way, but that’s not exactly how walking with Jesus works. He is all about the process and transformation. A quick, easy and painless transformation is not exactly what He is going for when it comes to helping you grow.

Carli Glen

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