A Miracle in the Process

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I love bacon! I love bacon by itself. I love bacon wrapped around stuff. I like bacon in salad. It’s hard for me to imagine a dish that bacon could not enhance! We all know bacon comes from pigs, and I have had the privilege (and I do mean privilege) of working for a business that cares for and cooks pigs and also growing up in a family that has butchered pigs for a decade! I have seen it all – from feeding small pigs to fixing pens, from live pigs in a trailer to a ham steak on the table, and from a whole pig in the freezer to pulled pork in the hands of a customer. I love everything about this process!

As I interact with people about this, they are almost always curious: “What does it take to do all that? What does it smell like? What do you smell like afterwards?” But I found something interesting… the curiosity almost always stops right about there. As soon as I start actually answering the questions, the look on their face changes. “Well you see, what we do first is…” is met with “Ok, you can stop there!” I don’t even get to the “fun” stuff and the novelty of it all wears off.

The question this scenario makes me think of is this: “How often does this happen with seeing God work in our life?” How often do we get excited about something we see or hear, only to turn around and forget about it in just a few minutes? This is not just a rebuke that I am casting out on you, this is a reality I see all too often in my own life. I too easily forget or become distracted from what God is doing in my life. I get distracted by the pace of my life. Or maybe I let my focus run to the things the world wants me to focus on. And too often I turn my attention to the work I feel I am doing in my own life.

Scripture leads us toward a different reality. Unfortunately, I am on the verge of being cliché, but I will proceed. I want to turn our attention to Romans chapter 8. Verse 28 says, “And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good…” The meaning of this verse is not that everything in your life will work out as you want it. This verse means God is at work in your life to make you more like Christ. That is ultimately what he wants for your life, and he is at work everyday through the things you experience! God is moving in your life today!

The question I ask myself and the question I will ask you as well is “Do you see it?” Do you see God moving to make you more like his Son? If you don’t, maybe you simply need to slow down your life. Maybe you need to create space in your life and allow the opportunity to see God at work. What might be the deeper issue in all of this though, as I found it was for myself, is that we don’t see God’s work as anything special. We just see the things happening in our life as just there. Life just happens.

We would be foolish to settle for that. Scripture tells us of a much more exciting reality. God is the one who is behind the scenes of your life. He is at work in the mundane task at the office and the life altering news you hear over the phone. He is working through it all to transform you. I believe that is a miracle.

What might be the deeper issue in all of this though, as I found it was for myself, is that we don’t see God’s work as anything special.

Mitch Raup

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