What’s In A Name?

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Have you ever taken the time to look up your name? Do you know what it means? Is it accurate? Perhaps you are a parent and you took hours, days, or even months coming up with the perfect name for your child. While I do not have children, I have thought about what I would name my future children. I want my children to have a great legacy and I want their name to carry strength and honor. I was named after my father and I find my name empowering. I realize that I am carrying on something so much greater than myself.

Let’s take a look at various names in the Bible. Abraham, who was the biblical patriarch, his name means “father of many.” Daniel, a Hebrew prophet, means “God is my judge.” David, a great king, means “beloved.” Elisha, a mighty prophet and miracle worker, means “God is my salvation.” Habakkuk, the author of the book of the same name, means “embrace.” Leah, the first wife of Jacob, means “weary.” Naomi, the mother-in-law of Ruth, means “pleasantness,” and finally Noah, the builder of the great ark, means “rest or comfort.”

All of these names hold great meaning, and for most of the above individuals, these names correlate to their destiny and their promise. Biblically, these individuals have amazing stories and their names continue to hold great power today. However, can we call on these names for rest? Can we call on these names as an act of faith? Not at all, but there is a name, in which everything we need, lies.

There is a name above all names. Hillsong has a beautiful song that reiterates how powerful this name is. The lyrics state: what a powerful name it is, what a powerful name it is, the name of Jesus Christ our King. This name is derived from Yeshu’a and it does not end there – this man has many names. Isaiah 9:6, proclaims his name shall be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, and the Prince of Peace. He is proclaimed as the Lily in the Valley, the Rose of Sharon, and the Bright and Morning star. Apostle Paul declares him a comforter. Exodus proclaims him as Jehovah, meaning “I am who I am”. He is proclaimed as a present help in the time of trouble, a strong tower, and a mighty warrior. In our intimate moments, he is Abba father. He is Jehovah-nissi, which means, “God our banner”. He is the immutable truth and the author and finisher of our faith. Ephesians declares him the chief cornerstone, while Romans proves him to be our deliverer. He is Alpha and Omega, the high priest, and the gospel of Matthew declares him to be Immanuel, which means “God is with us.” To the lady at the well, he was described as living water and in 1 John he is declared our advocate. Even unclean spirits in Mark 3:11 declared him as the son of God. Malachi describes him as a healer and a purifier. 2 Timothy declares him to be the Righteous judge and Revelation 5:5 declares him to be The Lion of the Tribe of Judah.

This may be a lot to take in, but think of the heaviness and power that is in this one name. It is through this name that lives have been saved and hearts have been changed. It is through this name that shackles are broken and mountains are moved. How truly powerful! Not only is there power, but there is pure awe and beauty. As sons and daughters, we can call on his name to save a loved one. We can call on his name when we are weak, heartbroken, or in an inconvenient situation. Just at the sound of his name, demons tremble. It is through his name, we have access to our sovereign father. There is no greater name that has been spoken, and there will never be a name greater on this earth. His name brings peace, his name brings joy, his name brings comfort. His name compels the lost, strengthens the weak, and sustains the spirit.

What is this name? Jesus Christ. The name in which I found my hope and joy. The name in which I called out for salvation and the name that is truly the sweetest name I know. Do you all realize the access we have through this name? We are given authority and boldness to share his name with everyone in our lives. His name is the proclamation that will bring revival to our churches. His name will be the banner in which we wave in a generation that does not want to believe in his power. It is through his name that we can develop a deeper understanding of his character. His name imbues compassion, justice, and majesty. Are you calling his name?

In all honesty, I have wanted to see my name in lights. I have wanted my name to be known – to have world renown. I have continued to pursue my education, to have letters in front and behind my name.  However, I have to be content in the fact that my name has been changed to righteous, fearfully and wonderfully made, and son of the Most High. I will continue to pursue wonderful things and build a legacy, but I must remember that my name is written in the Lamb’s book of life. I must realize that when I call on the mighty name of Jesus, it brings power and peace to my situation. My name is not my own. I am now declared an heir to an inheritance and a promise.

So today, strip off any names you may have been called or heaviness that may come with the name you were given at birth. We may not embrace our birth name, but we have been given a new name. Just as Jacob’s name was changed to Israel, our names have been changed. It is because of the amazing and omnipotent name of Jesus, that we can walk in our new identity.

We may not embrace our birth name, but we have been given a new name.

Danny – Men of Meanz Podcast

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